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Installation KIT 2 -- GME GX750 BLACK BOX VHF MARINE RADIO ST3 FishPro/Explorer Pro

Installation KIT 2 -- GME GX750 BLACK BOX VHF MARINE RADIO ST3 FishPro/Explorer Pro

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Installing the GME GX750 BLACK BOX VHF MARINE RADIO in the ST3 FishPro is a great choice.

The handpiece fits perfectly in a Custom made cradle fitted into the existing phone slot in your glove box.

The GME external water resistant speaker is installed inside the dashboard for improved audibility.

The antenna mount is located in a safe spot well away from the user and will not block the storage lid's movements.

Detailed installation videos and step-by-step instructions for installing the GME VHF will be available soon. For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.



  • GME Water Resistant Extension Speaker


  • Pacific Aerials SeaMaster Pro VHF Antenna 1m Black
  • Pacific Aerials SeaMaster Pro Through Deck VHF Antenna Mount with Cable Black
    ( custom made 2m length cable to suit JetSki install for optimum reception )
  • 15amp Wiring loom to battery. ( requires soldering to Black Box Power Supply. )
  • Custom made 3d printed composite carbon fibre antenna mount includes a drilling template.
  • Custom made 3d printed composite carbon Hand piece cradle. ( inserts into phone holder in glove box. )
  • Custom made hand piece plug socket mount. ( Fits at the bottom of the phone slot under the cradle.


The GME GX750 Black Box VHF Marine Radio is a compact communication and safety device with innovative installation options. Waterproof to IPX7, the GX750 is the ideal communication tool for your boating lifestyle whether you’re sailing inland waters, or heading offshore. The compact, modular design makes installation of the GX750 simple and enables installation in locations where dash space is limited. Simply choose the desired location to mount the 'black box' main unit and run the supplied 500mm inter-connecting lead to the MK013 flush mount microphone socket in a convenient location for use of the full-function LCD Controller microphone.

Crystal clear audio is delivered via the GX750’s integrated speaker microphone and can be further be enhanced by the addition of the SPK45 extension speaker (sold separately). The GX750’s LCD display features large, easy to read numbers and adjustable brightness and colour options. Designed with ease of use in mind, the screen can be read from virtually any angle, day or night.

Dual Watch, Triple Watch and two programmable priority channels provide easy access to regularly used channels. Channel scanning is programmable, making it easy to monitor all important communications. The GX750 comes complete with International, USA and Canadian channel sets making it versatile for use anywhere in the world.

GME GX750 Black Box VHF Marine Radio Features:

  • Compact, modular design. Perfect for installations where space is limited
  • Waterproof speaker mic
  • 25/1 watt switchable power
  • Ingress protected to IPX7
  • Dual and triple watch with programmable priority channel
  • Two working channel memories
  • Rear microphone input socket for flexible installation
  • Colour: Black or White

GME GX750 Black Box VHF Marine Radio Specifications:


  • Frequency Range TX: 155-165HZ
    Scanning Speed: 100 ms/channel
    Frequency stability: ±1.5 kHz over environmental extremes
    Modulation: FM


  • Transmit Frequency Response: -6 dB per octave de-emphasis, 300 Hz – 3 kHz, +1 - 3 dB
  • Demodulated Audio Signal to Noise: >50 dB weighted
  • Current Consumption:
    High Power: < 5 Amps
    Low Power: 850 mA


  • Intermediate Frequencies
    1st: 21.4 MHz
    2nd: 450 kHZ
  • Sensitivity: 120 dBm for 12 dB SINAD unweighted

Mechanical Specifications

  • Power Supply/Supply Voltage:
    12 volt nominal
    10.5 – 15.6 volt max. range
    Negative Earth
  • Microphone Port: 8 pin socket
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +55°C


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