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Rod Locks

Rod Locks

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 This 3D Printed Cap Locks your precious rod into the Rod Holder and prevents the shaft from coming in contact with the opening of the holder. 

Narrow gauge rod shafts are not suited to your standard 40mm rod holder as they swim about inside and can be damaged or even fall out.

The cap slides on the top of the holder and a clever rotating top of the cap secures the rod completely.

Easy storage of the cap with the 3mm bungee cord hooped over the rod holder.

Super-fast to deploy your finishing weapon of choice by rotating the top of the cap and then simply pull off and your rod is free to do some damage..

Perfect for multiple rods in Rocket launchers keeping the rod tips away from clashing.

Maximum Shaft diameter = 15mm

( Rod holders made by GC JetSKi Fishing.. )


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