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ChillCheater Test and Repair Service

ChillCheater Test and Repair Service

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Only available in NZ..

A Great solution to repair leaky chillcheaters.

You send the CHCH to our warehouse and we will test for leaks and repair your Chillcheater socks.


How we repair damaged chillcheaters

Identify the leak in the sock by partially filling the inside with air 

If there is a leak you will see water coming through to the outside surface by spraying with soapy water

Mark the area then dry the outside surface thoroughly. Paint on the polyglut with the supplied brush to the leaky area.

Apply a few coats. Test for leaks again.


 It is a top quality neoprene glue suitable for all wetsuit repairs but the added butanol makes it suitable for seam sealing as well.
Simply use a brush to apply a coat of Polyglut over the exterior seams and add years of life to your suit.  The rubberized coating adds abrasion resistance and prevents cut threads from running.

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