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Cooper Anchor Beach Anchoring Kit (Basic Version )

Cooper Anchor Beach Anchoring Kit (Basic Version )

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This Anchor kit provides a complete solution, featuring premium anchor for jetski anchoring, plus highest-grade New Zealand-made rope and Marine grade 316 stainless steel chain and fixings..

Compact and lightweight, it comes with a custom-made durable PVC bag for easy storage.

Designed to protect your jetski from injury, Cooper Anchors have a strong design, with weighted tip and streamlined shank enabling it to fully penetrate the seabed for maximum holding power.

The space between the tip and shank also allows the anchor to shift direction with ease, and a small blade on the shank prevents it from flipping over & ensures immediate set-up.

Combining these features, Cooper Anchors set deeply and provide superior holding power for reliable security & peace of mind..





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