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Single Battery Upgrade -- Tray and 34ah Battery

Single Battery Upgrade -- Tray and 34ah Battery

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The Battery Tray 34ah and Strap -- ( Tray, Strap and Battery Included ).. Battery Carry handles included to make installation a breeze. 


The 34amp Hour Battery Tray upgrade is the simplest, most reliable and cost-effective solution to increasing your jetski's battery capacity. The stainless steel tray installs quickly and easily, and a single 34a/h Motobatt AGM battery replaces two standard batteries for near equivalent power without the hassle and expense of multiple batteries and wiring. Plus, with two batteries, if one dies, it could harm the other, and a healthy battery might give you a false sense of security. Complicated switching systems also often fail and corrode due to jetski hulls. The single battery setup proves reliable with regular care and charging - no muss, no fuss!



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