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JETSKI Sea Anchor Drouge / Mussel Farm Hook

JETSKI Sea Anchor Drouge / Mussel Farm Hook

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Mussel Farm Hook



The Anchorman JetSki Sea Anchor Drouge rig is custom made for use for Jeski fishing significantly slowing the drift and setting the direction the ski points when set..

The Sea Anchor Drouge rig when coupled with the Anchorman Jeski tether is a perfect and safe system tested by experienced jetski fishermen..

Attach your own drouge or add The Ocean South Drouge we have in stock..

8mm Shock cord to dampen the pull onto the ski.

Bright colored lines to make it visible in the water to avoid being run over by others.

All systems come with a custom-made bag to keep it all organised, easy access and stowage.

Light break away bungee loops onto the Handle Bars. 

Floats to keep the rig on the surface.

Compact and easy to use.

High-quality yacht braid and 316 Stainless fittings..


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