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JetSki Tow Line

JetSki Tow Line

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Towing clip



This product is an essential tow line for towing another jetski in an emergency, away from danger or back to land. If the battery is flat or something gets stuck in the intake, the jetski can become disabled. The tow rope can be simply hooked onto the jetski tether, or onto the cleat at the rear of the ski. For those with a cooler mounted at the back, the towing clip provides a suitable towing point. The towing clip attaches to the rear towning cleat and reaches to the side of the cooler for easy access.


Measuring 6 meters in length, this tow rope comes equipped with 5 soft floats for increased visibility; its 8mm yatch braid design is fluorescent yellow for added safety, and it is conveniently stored in a custom mesh bag..


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