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Magnetic Kabura Keeper

Magnetic Kabura Keeper

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These 3D-printed Kabura Keepers protect your rod while traveling to your fishing spots. The Keeper molds around the rod and the lure then the super strong Rare Earth magnetic latches the Keeper closed around the lure and locks onto the rod preventing the slider from coming loose and smashing into your rod or the back of your head.

Hang your Kabura keeper on a rod holder when you are using your rod with the  built-in hoop.

Made from a semi-rigid plastic that can withstand the weather and won't damage your rod.

Rod Diameter up to 9mm

The Standard Kabura Keeper holds the 140g Ocean Angler Sliders and includes Ocean Angler Coin Drop.


The Large Kabura Keeper holds the heaviest Ocean Angler slider 240g including the heaviest Ocean Angler Coin Drop 140 g ..


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