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Makz Trailer Tail Light Surround Replacement - Upgrade

Makz Trailer Tail Light Surround Replacement - Upgrade

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Exclusive to New Zealand, the Makz Trailer Tail Light Surround Replacement/Upgrade is designed to address the vulnerability of factory tail light surrounds, prone to breakage from knocks or regular wear and tear.


Crafted in two pieces using 3D printing technology, this innovative solution provides a sturdy enclosure, safeguarding the tail lights and wiring. The two components easily click together and are securely fastened with four stainless steel fixings on each side.


For the number plate side (right), a 5mm hole in the bottom flange of the trailer light post is recommended, though this step is optional for those not comfortable with power tools.


This comprehensive product package includes both left and right-hand tail light surrounds, along with all necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation.


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